Filter Screens

Screen Photo

Screen Detail

Replacement and Custom Panels

Sound Engineering previously subcontracted the screen panels used in the construction of our Drum Filters. We are now producing filter panels at our manufacturing facility. The advantages are multi-dimensional. We can provide greater quality, better lead times, and more flexibility of filter sizing.

Our panels are constructed of expanded metal using your choice of material (steel, stainless steel, or aluminum). Whatever choice is made, the filter cloth is bonded to the expanded metal, which has been coated for further corrosion resistance. The bonding method adds structural integrity while providing a greater life expectancy to the screen panels. The perimeter is finished with high temperature RTV silicone, which makes an excellent sealing gasket, virtually impervious to any contaminants that might be present.

We are glad to offer custom sized screen panels to customers that use a similar design on equipment manufactured elsewhere. Let us know, if we can be of service.


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