Sound Engineering

Using one-of-a-kind designs, Sound Engineering fabricates welded aluminum boats for work or for pleasure. Our factory direct boats range in size from 8' to 25', with a variety of top-house configurations and haul-back orientations. We design our boats for specific attributes like handling and stability. As such, we feature a choice of deep V, tunnel, and flat hull designs. Bandit, shown here, is a deep V design.
This bow-picker design is scheduled to make the trip from Bellingham, WA to Glacier Bay AK. It is 12'10" in length and powered by a 120 hp. jet drive. This gives it a top speed in excess of 40 knots and with 50 gals. of fuel, a crusing range of about 175 miles. Otter Insanity seems to be an appropriate name for this venture.
A tender for the pleasure vessel Tranquility Base uses a 9' tunnel hull design. It is powered by a 40 hp. outboard which gives it a top speed of 43 mph.
Here we have  Sea Otter which uses a tunnel bottom design for stabilty and speed. It was shipped to Boston to be used as a tender for a 41' pleasure vessel. The ablity to endure severe abuse, (rocky shorelines, oyster covered beaches, and heavy seas) makes aluminum dinghies a great choice for the serious boater.
The latest of Sound Engineering's innovative boat designs is Tin Can, a 16 foot deep V powered by an 90 hp outboard engine. This boat was designed to meet the customer's specific requirements.


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