What is a microscreen filter?
A microscreen filter is a filter designed to remove particles from 15 micron to 250 micron in size. (A micron is equal to 4/100,000 of an inch or .00004".)
What is the primary function of a microscreen filter?
Microscreen filters are used primarily as the final solids removal in any waste treatment or recycling water system.
How does it filter?
Solid particles are trapped on one side of the filter "cloth" while the liquid is able to flow through the "cloth".
Why a drum style filter?
The fine solids tend to fall to the bottom of any container. This allows the solids to settle on the bottom and sides of the drum. Because the drum is constantly rotating, and the solids tend to cling to the filter material, they are transported to a point above the fluid level where they can be readily removed.
Does the filter require cleaning?
The filter requires constant cleaning to remove the trapped particles. Sprayers are used to remove the collected particles and to additionally clean the filter . As a second means of cleaning, a periodic rinse cycle using a heated solution is advised. The later is dependent upon the type of particles being filtered and degree of filter fouling.
How does it work?
View a video which shows the drum filter in operation and the spray cleaning of the filter.


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